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Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing (SAFE) Act

Qualified and Trusted Mortgage Loan Underwriters

In 2008, Congress implemented the SAFE Act, which was designed to enhance consumer protection and reduce fraud by setting standards for licensing mortgage loan originators.

The SAFE Act requires mortgage loan officers to pass a background investigation, submit fingerprints, and secure a mortgage loan originator number as part of the National Mortgage Licensing System.  These identifying numbers are public information and must be produced upon a consumer request.

We think you should know the quality and integrity of our underwriting team without having to ask, so NRL Federal Credit Union has listed our mortgage loan underwriters below. If you have any questions regarding the SAFE Act or the registration process, please contact us at (800) 526-6661

As of 9/16/2020

NRL Federal Credit Union 491160


Name NMLS No. Name NMLS No
Accoo, Theresa 631398 Messersmith, Denine 718779
Artiga, Lewin 1895895 Moore, Jennifer 1177848
Bennett, Katrina 1060291 Salas, Victor 1493236
Brumfield, Treciana 504828 Smith, Jamar D. 699966
Burch, Christina C. 1799598 Smith, Taliyah N. 1889334
Clark, Yazmin K. 1690888 Tremblay, Tina-Marie 718797
Cummins, Maureen  1696817 Williams, Denise L. 718782
Fanary, Wahab R. 1028732 Williams, Lynda 718794
Farrell, Beverly E. 2016326 Williamson, Paige 945001
Grant, Melanie 1614722 Wilson, Angelica 1134816
Jenkins, Victoria 1493235 Wood, Robin 1639122
Jones, Sherlyn 718778 Yerby, Zsanetta C. 1997298
Manigo, Ebony C. 1605630 Zapatel, Ines 1638526
Mena, Andres 1871776