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Home Rebate Program / CU Realty

More Ways We Make Buying a Home Simple

When buying or selling a home, you should have access to all available tools and information possible. Our free, comprehensive real estate and rebate program, CU Realty, is designed to save you money, time and hassle. Through CU Realty, you can learn the value of your current home and save money on every real estate transaction you make.

With NRLFCU and Home Advantage powered by CU Realty Services, you’ll get unrestricted access to all the tips, tools and data you need to make informed decisions plus you’ll get a rebate—20% of your agent’s commission—when you buy or sell using a Home Advantage/CU Realty Approved Agent.

Enrolling in the rebate program is fast, simple & free:

  • Connect directly to the Home Advantage registration, Realtors™ and home search database.
  • Or, if you prefer to call, contact our Member Service Department and a representative will help you register, provide you a list of approved local agents, and answer your questions about the rebate program.

States and/or major metropolitan areas included in the Home Advantage CU Realty program include: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KS, MD, MI, MN, MO, NM, NC, OH, PA, TX, and VA. New cities, states and real estate agents continuously join the program. If you do not see the area you’re interested in, contact CU Realty at 800.203.9014. Terms and disbursement of rebates vary by state.