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Mortgage Application Notice

We estimate our processing time from application to settlement to be approximately 30 days or less for first trusts and 10 days or less for second trusts. Your application will be professionally processed in the order in which it was received.

To expedite the processing of your mortgage request, please complete the loan application in its entirety. After submitting your application to the Mortgage Department, please fax the additional documents that are needed in order to process your request. The necessary documents are as follows:

  • Two pay statements covering a recent 30-day period
  • W-2 statements or tax returns for the most recent tax year
  • The application fees: For first trusts—$433 to cover the appraisal ($400*), credit report ($23) and flood zone certification ($10)
    *Appraisal fee may vary depending on property location, property type and loan purpose.

Please note that the Mortgage Loan Officer will contact you to finalize your loan application prior to processing your fees.

You may lock in your rate at the time of application. If you wish to lock in your interest rate at any point once the application is submitted, please contact the Mortgage Department at 301.839.8429. Our fax number is 301.916.9628. Please be advised that additional documentation and fees are required in order to effect a lock-in.

Only NRLFCU members in good standing may apply for loans. If you are not a member, click here.

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