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Supervisory (Audit) Committee

Safe and Sound

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for the safety and soundness of NRLFCU by ensuring compliance with the Credit Union Act, the Credit Union bylaws and policies, and NCUA rules and regulations. Working closely with the credit union’s internal auditor, the Committee ensures that the Board of Directors and Credit Union management:

  • Meet required financial reporting objectives.
  • Establish practices and procedures sufficient to safeguard members’ assets.
  • Specifically, the committee determines whether:
    • Internal controls are established and effectively maintained to achieve the credit union’s financial objectives, which must be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the supervisory committee audit, verification of member’s accounts and its additional responsibilities.
    • The credit union’s accounting records and financial reports are promptly prepared and accurately reflect operations and results.
    • The relevant plans, policies and control procedures established by the Board of Directors are properly administered.
    • Policies and control procedures are sufficient to safeguard against error, conflict of interest, self-dealing and fraud.

The Supervisory committee consists of:

Rich Barb
Jane Schaub
Carol Sullivan

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You may email the Supervisory Committee with any questions or comments at, or you may write to:

NRL Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee
5440 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 201
Alexandria, VA 22312