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Become a volunteer board member

Board of Directors Interest Form

Complete this form to indicate your interest in serving on the NRLFCU board of directors.
  • Volunteer Requirements

    • Has been a member of NRLFCU for at least two years or has previously served in an official capacity in a credit union.
    • Is not an employee of this or a competing financial institution.
    • Has not been a management employee of this credit union for at least 12 months.
    • Has read the recruiting information kit and is willing to accept the responsibilities.
    • Will be able to act independently and objectively regardless of external relationships with other directors and employees.
    • Has the ability to meet the time commitment generally described below: (training cost paid by NRLFCU)
      • Monthly pre-preparation time for meetings (generally 1-2 hours)
      • Monthly Board meetings (generally 1-2 hour meeting)
      • Monthly Committee meetings (generally 1 hour each)
      • Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) Training Modules (at home, self-paced)
      • Attend the required training each term.
      • Annual Strategic Planning Meeting (approx. 1 weekend)
  • Do you meet the Volunteer candidate requirements listed above? * Required
  • Volunteer Interest: (Choose all that apply) * Required
  • Qualifications

    The overall guiding principle is to achieve a diverse background of board members to broadly represent the interests of all members of NRLFCU while maintaining a high level of abilities necessary to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
    Maximum file size - 24 mega bytes.
  • Signature

    By signing this application, I understand and agree to abide by the conditions outlined above and authorize NRLFCU to conduct a credit and criminal background check to confirm eligibility. I understand the NRLFCU Nominating and Education Committee will review my candidate application and may or may not nominate or appoint me to a position.
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