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Benefits of Being a Select Employee Group

Partner Benefits Perks

Attracting workers with the right mindset and skill set can be a daunting task. The newest generation of employees seek out companies with aligned values. So when you partner with NRLFCU, a not-for-profit financial institution that embraces inclusivity, equality, and diversity, you send a strong message to your workforce that you’ve chosen to align your company with those values, too.

We invite you to become a Select Employee Group (SEG) of NRLFCU. If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please complete the SEG enrollment form. Along with award-winning financial services, your employees have access to all of the following Financial Perks @ Work.

  • Financial Health Check-ups
  • Benefits Fairs
  • FREE Checking / Savings Accounts
  • Robust Online Services
  • Easy, low rate Auto Loans 
  • Affordable Mortgages
  • Retirement Planning

Join the Financial Evolution!

We are here to help your employees achieve their financial goals and enjoy a happy prosperous life. Here are a few financial education resources we provide:

  • Lunchtime Seminars at your office!
  • Financial Courses on our website through MoneyEdu
  • Our Learn-and-Earn Money App – Zogo 

Community Involvement

As a not-for-profit, NRLFCU has always prioritized putting people first. We contribute much of our efforts in actively making communities a better place while enriching lives. 

NRLFCU supports our community all year long and we invite you and your team to join our fun initiatives. Here are a few of our biggest annual events:

  • Culture Appreciation Book Drives
  • Cherry Blossom Run
  • Servant Leader Appreciation Events
  • Local Food Drives