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MyChoice Account

It’s Never Too Early—Learn the ABCs of Money

How do you write a check? Afford a new laptop? Make your birthday money grow?

At NRLFCU, we value all of our members—right down to the youngest. That’s why we offer opportunities for young people to learn the basics of spending, saving, borrowing and investing money—from student checking accounts to certificates of deposit.

MyChoice* Checking, Loans and More

Young adults ages 16 to 24 can gain skills they’ll need for a lifetime. Get a head start on establishing good credit with special MyChoice accounts and products including:

MyChoice Checking

Just starting out? This may be the perfect checking account for students, with:

  • No minimum balance.
  • Free checks with your name only.
  • Free VISA® CheckCard for convenient access to your money.
  • Free home banking, mobile banking and bill pay.
  • Optional support from NRLFCU professionals, from balancing your checkbook to safeguarding your financial information.

MyChoice Loans

Establish your financial independence with special auto and computer loans, credit cards and more:

  • MyChoice Auto Loans. Young NRLFCU members can borrow up to 100% of the vehicle purchase price, plus the first six months of auto insurance, vehicle taxes, extended warranty and more.
  • MyChoice Computer Loan. Purchase hardware and software with 1% off the current computer loan rate.
  • Secured VISA®. Establish credit with your NRLFCU-issued credit card and enjoy low-interest rates, no annual fee and more.

Ready to start your child or student on the road to financial responsibility? Start here. Open an account now.

NOTE: NRLFCU does not collect personal information from children via our website. Please review our Privacy Policy.